Phoebe Anne Taylor  |  ENSEMBLE MEMBER | co-artistic Director (2016 - 2018)

Phoebe Anne Taylor is an independent artist, primarily involved in acting, writing, directing and photography. She was a member of the Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia’s Full-Time Program in 2012, the Monash Graduate Ensemble 2009 and Victorian College of the Arts Acting Studio in 2008.

Phoebe is a published poet and performed playwright, who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Creative Writing and Photography from the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about creating and touring work that promotes access to the arts, and has fashioned much of her own work under the umbrella company Apples and Shoes to reflect this goal. 

Recent theatre credits include Apples and Shoes’ the art of fucking which she also wrote, La Mama and Adelaide Fringe;  Old Man Nanook, 3Mask; Titus Andronicus, Four Letter Word Theatre; Speak English or Die; and Apples and Shoes’ no blinding light, which again she wrote, Adelaide Fringe.

Film credits include Raylene and CharlieRevelation and Firelight. Her directorial credits include Buried at Sea, Second Breakfast; Kiss me Kate, The Producers and Away, Trinity College; Hamlet and The Tempest, Hartwell Players and other independent works.

Phoebe is a regular narrator for the Vision Australia Information Library Service, and has also collaborated in music and multimedia work as a vocalist and writer. 

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